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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Great Dane dog portrait

A Different View


I had this one painted yesterday but life caught up with me and i lost the day to post:(

Here is the painting from a different view.

Thank you mastonk for the photo inspiration:)


  1. Great composition! How did you get this great angle? Where u like in his face with the camera OR did you photo shop the interesting angle?

  2. Hi Michelle! The fabulous photo came from @mastonk on instagram. Follow her...she has great photos:)

  3. Gigi, I recently have started a project for Hospice and have been emailing to receive permission for use of photo's to make into oil paintings. Did you have to do the same for this photo and others? And if so have the responses been positive?

  4. I did request permission from @mastonk to use her photo and her response was positive. I am on instagram where you can see her remarks. Happy painting!