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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Tribute

November 25 ,2010 - November 9, 2011

You came into our life last Thanksgiving Day.  It only took a weekend to fall in love.  You would be at the door of your cage and nibble on food in my hand and stuff your cheeks with all the rest.  Then, you would stash it all away under your bedding, near where you slept and still come back (to the door) looking for more. Silly Hammie!

You would run and run and run on the wheel....where you were going or which marathon you thought you had to train so hard for... I will never know.  I would watch you from afar, you would run through those tubes and grab water, and nibble on the peanut butter ring.  Silly Hammie!  

I watched you always, I made sure you didn't see me, because when you knew I was near you would be at the door (looking for food) ... silly Hammie!  

I liked you so much! 

Thanks for visiting,  you left us many beautiful memories.

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