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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gray Kitten - Original Oil Painting

This is our Russian Blue, Bosco.  He's a sweet cat.  Loves to play, sleep, eat and watch the peacocks strut their stuff through the bedroom window.   What a life!



  1. I just came across this beautiful artwork on Ebay. Congratulations, Gigi! I've looked a little bit at your paintings on your blog, and I'm impressed, because you are saying that you only took an art class a few years ago. I think you have a tremendous potential. Your brushstrokes are painterly and expressive, I can tell you are quite into what you are doing! I am also an artist, and I appreciate when I see that talent meets technique and renders aesthetic artworks and good taste.
    Andreea Vasiliu, Artist from Massachusetts

  2. Thank you so much, Andreea for your nice comments. I truly appreciate it and yes I took one sketch class and then continued sketching on my own.