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Monday, November 29, 2010


On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we went to my sister's house.  As we parked our car a lady in a car passing by stopped and asked if we wanted a free hamster.  I immediately said, "No, we have two dogs and a cat".  But the lady said she had four cats and couldn't take the hamster but she felt bad because it didn't have any water.  My boys overheard the conversation and went to see the hamster.  I thought it was being given in a garage sale but the cage and hamster were left on the street sidewalk with a sign "Free Hamster".  My boys picked up the cage and walked up the hill into my mom's house.  My mom freaked at the sight.  She referred to it as a rodent.  The cage had a bad odor.  Vincent made calls to his Cross Country coach to see if he would take the hamster.  The coach said yes, bring him to school on Monday.  But my husband and I thought we already separate the cat from the dogs and now we would be separating the cat from the hamster.  So Vincent called his coach again, and the coach said bring him up tomorrow, Friday  (the xc team was going up to Fresno for a State run).  What a nice guy!  Willing to take this hamster and give him a home.  The coach has raised 3 or 4 injured squirrels and when they are well he releases them.  He has a good heart, that Coach O'Brien.  

So, we've had Hammie all weekend (we didn't want the hamster to impose on the xc team...they were going for a State win).  In the meantime, I have learned quite a bit about hamsters.  We have a dwarf hamster and you can tell by the dorsal stripe.  Dwarf hamsters are stocky animals with short legs, large heads, small noses and soft fur.  They live about 1 1/2 to 2 years, but can live to be 4.  They store food into their pouches (like squirrels) and then take it to their nesting area.  If dwarf hamsters aren't handled on a regular basis they may become wild.  So, best to handle him often!  Chew stick, chew sticks, they need chew sticks for their ever-growing incisors, or they will chew on other things!

So, now YOU know a little about dwarf hamsters. 


  1. These hamsters are beautiful (:

  2. Ada, it seems that we are still fostering the hamster. In the meantime, I have fallen in love with him! He has quite a personality.